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daily_steam's Journal

Daily Steampunk Coordinates
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to daily_steam, a place to post photos of your daily steampunk influenced coordinates and to be inspired by others. Please remember to read the rules amd posting guidelines before you post. Above all have fun!

~The Rules~

1. Please don't post items that have no steampunk influence
Steampunk has a very broad definition, but posts that are judged to be completely lacking steampunk influence may be deleted. If you aren't sure feel free to give a description of why the outfit is steampunk inspired.

2. Please respect other members
If you see a post that blatently goes against 1. please do not be rude to the poster. Please don't steal images. Trolls will be banned instantly.

3. Please don't post sales
This is purely a journal for fashion coordinates, try steamy_stitches if you want to advertise your wares. Any sales posts will be deleted.

~Posting Guidelines~

1. Please include no more than three photos per post. The community is designed to show off outfits, not to post photoshoots. Substituting a photo for a collage of small details is fine.

2. Please include at least one clear, unadulterated (i.e. photoshopped into sepia/"aged") photo of the whole outfit. Most cameras have autotimers that can save you from having to resort to myspace style shots.

3. Please use an lj-cut for images larger than 400 x 400. Please only post one image above a cut to save everyone's f-lists.

~On Using Tags~
Because this community also exists to inspire others, feel free to use the tags found below to tag your posts. To avoid confusion please only use the tags listed below, feel free to suggest a new tag here

male, female, child
victorian, lolita, cyber, handmade, gears or cogs, gizmos
goggles, boots, pocketwatch,aviator cap, waistcoat, jacket or coat , hair falls, corset, parasol, long skirt, short skirt, spats
captain, mechanic, engineer, mad scientist, inventor, aristocrat