Goggles In Action

Dropping by to show off my favorite goggles in action.

I work part time with a landscaper, and we have to tackle some fierce plants some days. One house we maintain has so many agave and cactus, I come home covered in puncture wounds and live in fear of loosing an eye. After a couple days trying to weed blindly with my hat pulled down over my eyes, I said, "Screw it, its goggles time."

I am almost impervious to spikes, now. I may invest in some hockey shin guards, though...(this place really is a gardener's Obstacle Course of Doom.)
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Bess paints

Destash time!

Hi all.
Wasn’t sure if destash posts like this might be allowed. Feel free to trounce me if they’re not.

My costume boxes are overflowing, and so I am here with a few skirts and a blouse that I thought you guys might be able to have fun with and work into an outfit or something.
Pardon the quality of the pictures, the lighting in my apartment is terrible.

Never-worn periwinkle blue cotton peasant blouse with a drawstring waist. It’s so soft and silky, I love it but it’s just too big for me. Size large. 8$

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Nemesis for Nemo... plus... a SALE!!!

Darlings, this will be the last official sale at Brilliant Aether before Christmas, so if there is anything in the shop you love or want to buy as a gift, now is the time – at a massive 25% discount! Simply type the voucher code TESLA into the voucher code box in your shopping cart, click to verify and voila! Voucher offer is valid until Monday 28th November.

By the way,this may be the last official sale but there are often giveaways and spontaneous secret specials going on on our Facebook Page... just saying!

Extra extra! 20th edition of the Gatehouse Gazette now available for FREE download!

This 1930s edition of Gatehouse Gazette has a lot of dirt and grit in it, from crickey, secret Nazi stuff to Russian dieselpunk, but it also features the elegance of the interwar period with Art Deco, radio and fashion.

Download it for free here.

For all previous editions, click here.

For those interested, we are always on the look-out for new contributors and for photo and art submissions.
If you wish to participate, please drop our editor, Nick Ottens a line on n dot ottens at gmail dot com

Happy reading!
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25% off at Brilliant Aether

It's a whopping 25% off everything at Brilliant Aether... but only until the 24th August! Simply type BABBAGE into the voucher code box in your shopping cart and 25% will automatically be deducted from your purchase price. The shop will be closing for the holidays at sales end, so don't delay!
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