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Destash time!

Hi all.
Wasn’t sure if destash posts like this might be allowed. Feel free to trounce me if they’re not.

My costume boxes are overflowing, and so I am here with a few skirts and a blouse that I thought you guys might be able to have fun with and work into an outfit or something.
Pardon the quality of the pictures, the lighting in my apartment is terrible.

Never-worn periwinkle blue cotton peasant blouse with a drawstring waist. It’s so soft and silky, I love it but it’s just too big for me. Size large. 8$

Patchwork peach and red silk skirt made from old Indian saris. I have several of these and love them but for some reason this one hardly ever makes it into rotation. The top is a soft stretchy jersey material, so it could fit from a small to a large easily, or even a pregnant Mama. 18$

Soft cotton tired peasant skirt. It fades from dark peach to rosy red. Super swishy. Size small/medium. 6$

Kariza wrap skirt made from vintage silk saris. This is one of those that you can wear 100 different ways, depending on how you tie it. I may even have the instruction booklet to go with it…top layer’s brown, second layer’s lavender. I collect these and adore them, but purple isn’t exactly my color so I’m passing this one along. 10$